Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When WDA (Workforce Development Agency) was set up in 2003 there were only a handful of courses to train people in.Workers were sent to WSQ (Workskills Qualification) courses to attain competency in relevant jobs in the security, cleaning and landscape industries.7 years later you have a wide array of courses to choose from.

I had been planning to take up a course in the Food and Beverage industry for quite some time. I resigned from my job in August and send in my application to the At-Sunrice Academy.The course in question was to lead to a Certificte In Food Preparation. The couse recuiter told me that my 'O 'Levels Maths result was not good enough to make the cut and told me to take a short exam to get a statement of attainment in numeracy skills.

I took the test with SSA consultants and passed. It was too late for the Food Preparation course so I decided to take up the Certificte in Landscape Operations from CUGE (Centre For Urban Greenery And Ecology).CUGE, I found out later, was a join venture between WDA and National Parks Board.

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